Forza Horizon is getting reborn

I put down Forza Horizon 3 sometime around Christmas, three months after it was released. I enjoyed the game, it is fun, but I have had a very bad relationship with games and DLC over the last couple of years.

60 bucks is already plenty for a game, but many games have sometims day 1 DLC and then ‘season passes’ that add content over a couple months post release and they range from 30 dollars on up. Some companies have done DLC well, Bungie in the Halo days did a good job of actually integrating new content. I could still play with friends without the content and it would just match us up against appropriate players. Some games though make the DLC it’s own playlist, which sets off a cycle. No one plays in the DLC playlist, because it further reduces variety in maps, and no one buys the DLC because no one is playing it. Battlefield 4 was probably the worst at this. It makes it hard for me to see the value sometimes when unless everyone I play with buys the DLC it is worthless to me, and even if they do and we play a game stuck on 4 maps, we will probably just use the standard maps anyway.

More recently games have started to forgo map DLC and have chosen to supplement their revenue models with cosmetic DLC. This is love. I get the full experience, player bases are not broken up, and I don’t have to continually pay for a game.

Saying all that, and that I did not buy any of the previous Horizon DLC, I think I am 100% on board with this recently announced DLC. Hot Wheels stunt tracks in a game that has very satisfying car physics is really, really exciting. Fast fun gameplay where the stakes don’t feel so high because it is not a “real” race. The stunt races in GTA V are a blast, even though the cars in general feel blah. Now we get a better version of that.

I know there are a lot of people out there that are not into racing games, and that is fine, but this addition to Horizon, which was already some of the most fun racing I have had in years, is going to make me dust off that disk and get some more playing time in. Trailer below for your viewing pleasure.

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