About Us


Our Philosophy

I have been around 10 different blocks, and I still have less focus than I did in high school. I am a geek of geeks. What does that mean? I love seeing people just get into their hobbies and skills and really enjoying it. I am not a fan of soccer, being watching the world cup and seeing people at the top of their game is exhilarating. I want to find out why these people enjoy their hobbies. What is the thing that other's don't know about it.

Our Story

Kevin, the only current writer and site runner for Polygeekism, was the QB in high school that played D&D every weekend. Spent 4 years in the Air Force and despite being born and raised in California, now calls Minnesota home. As a walking contradiction that has enough hobbies and interests to keep a 14 year old busy during summer break, he just wants to celebrate geekdom in it's many forms.

Got a hobby? Let's talk...

If you have a hobby and story you want to tell, let us know. We can do a skype interview, text, whatever, let's tell your story alongside all the other great geeks out there.